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In 1946, after strong recommendations by a consulting team to establish a two-year college in the Inglewood-South Bay area, the governing boards of the Centinela Valley, Redondo, Inglewood and El Segundo districts won 10-1 voter approval for the creation of a junior college.

Torrance soon joined the newly chartered group, and the El Camino Community College District was officially established on July 1, 1947.

With the creation of the college, the ECC Athletics program was born. Since its inception, ECC Athletics has seen numerous student-athletes compete on the field, on the court and in the pool.

In 1988, the ECC Athletics Hall of Fame inducted its inaugural class to celebrate the rich history, tradition and success of ECC Athletics. The 1988 induction class featured 15 inductees that showcased some of the greatest student-athletes in ECC history along with coaching legends and key contributors to the athletics program. Names like Fred Dryer, George Foster, Norm Verry, Amby Schindler and Ken Swearingen highlighted the first class that has since seen a total of 30 Hall of Fame ceremonies and 29 induction classes as of 2022. 

Membership in the Athletic Hall of Fame is a tribute to those athletes, coaches, and other distinguished individuals who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments in athletics and for their support of the El Camino College athletic program.

El Camino College has enjoyed a tradition of athletic excellence since the campus opened in 1947. More than 270 outstanding athletes and supporters along with five teams have been inducted into the El Camino College Athletic Hall of Fame since the inaugural event in 1988.



271 Individual Inductees; Five Teams

Individual Inductees by Gender

Men (219), Women (52) 

Teams Inducted by Program

Men's Wrestling (3), Football (1), Men's Golf (1)

Individual Breakdown by Sport/Contribution to School and Athletics (Multi-Sport Athletes Counted as Own Category and Not Included in Individual Sport Totals)

Sport/Contribution to School & Athletics Total Individual Inductees
Administration, Athletics Staff or Other 7
Badminton 3
Baseball 16
Men's Basketball 6
Women's Basketball 2
Coaching 21
Men's Diving 1
Women's Diving 1
Football 65
Men's Golf 10
Merritorious Award and Service 8
Multi-Sport Athletes 67
Men's Soccer 4
Women's Soccer 1
Softball 3
Men's Swimming 2
Women's Swimming 3
Women's Tennis 1
Men's Track & Field 10
Women's Track & Field 10
Men's Volleyball 2
Women's Volleyball 11
Men's Water Polo 1
Men's Wrestling 17



Ceremony Details

  • The ECC Athletics Hall of Fame was held annually from 1988 to 2012.
  • The ECC Athletics Hall of Fame switched to a biennial event following the 2012 ceremony, meaning there were no ceremonies held in 2013, 2015 and 2017.
  • The event switched back to an annual event beginning with the 2018 induction ceremony.  
  • In 2009, there was no induction class as the ceremony was A Tribute to Ray Southstone. Southstone retired in 2008. Southstone one of the first students to enroll at El Camino College. He would experience a number of “firsts” at El Camino College – he was a member of the first student council, a member
    of the first football and track team and was a member of the first graduating class at El Camino College. In 1987, Southstone returned to ECC to help start the ECC Athletics Hall of Fame. 
  • The 2020 and 2021 Hall of Fame Ceremonies were not held due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Induction Class Facts

  • The Inaugural 1988 Induction Class remains the largest induction class in the history of the ECC Athletics Hall of Fame as 15 inductees were honored. 
  • There have been double-digit induction classes 10 times in the history of the ECC Athletics Hall of Fame (1988-92; 1997, 2000, 2006, 2018-19). 
  • The 27th Indcution Class (2018) had six women inducted, the most in a single indcution class. It was also the first time more individual women (6) were inducted than men (5).
  • Jim Bunyard (Class of 1998) and Guy Bunyard (Class of 2011) were the first father and son to be inducted into the ECC Hall of Fame after Guy's induction in 2011.
  • Traci Britton (2000, Badminton), her husband John Britton (2001, Men's Soccer) and daughter Jaymie Britton-Baquero (2011, Multi-Sport Athlete) are all members of the ECC Athletics Hall of Fame. 
  • The 1971 ECC Football Team was the first full team to be inducted as a whole into the ECC Athletics Hall of Fame in 2012. 
  • In 2022, Robyn Queen became the HOF inductee to be credited singularly as a women's soccer inductee. There have been other women's soccer players but they were admitted as multi-sport athletes. 

**Updated June 8, 2022