Beach Volleyball Makes it Ten Straight With Wins over Rio Hondo, Bakersfield and MiraCosta

Beach Volleyball Makes it Ten Straight With Wins over Rio Hondo, Bakersfield and MiraCosta


TORRANCE, Calif. --- El Camino College opened conference play with a win over Rio Hondo and then followed up with a sweep of Bakersfield and a 4-1 victory over MiraCosta to push its winning streak to 10 matches.

The Warriors (10-3, 1-0) opened South Coast Conference action with a dominant sweep over the Roadrunners as they never dropped a set in any contest.

In the second match, the Warriors again recorded a sweep but did have two pairings require a deciding set to secure the victory.

In the final match, the Warriors trailed 1-0 early as the No. 2 pairs fell in two sets. But it would be the only contest the Warriors dropped as they ran off the other four pairs with the No. 4s and No. 5s requiring three sets to extend the winning streak. Nofo Selu and Makaela Wilson secured the win in the No. 5's match and then Emily Uhrinak and Athina Sarreas capped off an impressive Friday with a victory in the No. 4's match.

The Warriors will return to action on Friday, March 18 with a pair of road conference matches against Long Beach and Mount San Antonio hosted by Long Beach City College. Those matches get underway at 10 a.m.


  1. Fayth Rascon / Lauren McCarthy (ECC) def. Nadine Oronoz / Faith Lee (RHC) 21-19, 21-13
  2. Diana Enriquez / Ginia Goods (ECC) def. Ariel Garcia / Faith Wada (RHC) 21-6, 21-8
  3. Leafa Juarez / Brea Rutledge (ECC) def. Denisse Sanchez / Haydee Estrella (RHC) 21-10, 21-8
  4. Athina Sarreas / Emily Uhrinak (ECC) def. Dede Challapa / Camila Rau (RHC) 21-8, 21-12
  5. Nofo Selu / Makaela Wilson (ECC) def. Valarie Romero / Faith Martinez (RHC) 21-15, 21-12


  1. Rascon/McCarthy (ECC) def. Alyson Dees / Kami Marion (BC) 21-9, 16-7 Forfeit
  2. Enriquez/Goods (ECC) def. Tia Jules / Yuli Rivera (BC) 21-15, 21-5
  3. Juarez/Rutledge (ECC) def. Meagan Williams / Frankie Hernandez (BC) 21-2, 21-23, 15-7
  4. Sarreas/Uhrinak (ECC) def. Natty Burns / Makena Knapp (BC) 21-17, 21-13
  5. Selu/Wilson (ECC) def. Tori Robertson / Shanice Rodriguez (BC) 21-14, 20-22, 15-6


  1. Rascon/McCarthy (ECC) def. Elle Harrity / Cameron Martinez (MC) 21-12, 21-8
  2. Paola Peralta / Aria Barker (MC) def. Enriquez/Goods (ECC) 21-19, 21-13
  3. Juarez/Rutledge (ECC) def. Savannah So'oto / Jackie Gracey (MC) 21-12, 21-11
  4. Sarreas/Uhrinak (ECC) def. Solymar Shook / Aliah Cortez (MC) 16-21, 21-19, 15-12
  5. Selu/Wilson (ECC) def. Makayla Hicks / Summer Hoslett (MC) 21-18, 13-21, 15-12