Connor Underwood Hits a Home Run to Push Warriors Past Cypress College to a 6-3 Victory

Photo Courtesy of William Hood
Photo Courtesy of William Hood

CYPRESS, Calif. - The Warriors came back from a late deficit to beat the Cypress Chargers 6-3. Connor Underwood hit a home run that earned him 3 RBI at the top of the ninth to push the Warriors past Cypress. The No. 10 Warriors extend their winning record to 13-2 while the No. 4 Chargers stand at 12-3.

"We were patient at the plate and were able to get runners on. Underwood then came up with the big hit," commented Coach Nate Fernley. "Great team effort."

The first three innings were scoreless with the Chargers getting on the board at the bottom of the fourth inning from a run by Willie Aguilar. The Warriors were unable to tie the game until the sixth inning when Trevor Casanova scored on an error by the second baseman. The Chargers responded with another two runs before the end of the inning to then lead 3-1.

As the Warriors trailed the Chargers going into the eighth inning, Brady Dorn earned an RBI by bringing in Ty Conrad. The Warriors kept up the defense and did not allow the Chargers to score any additional runs in the inning.

As they entered the ninth, the Warriors rallied for the comeback. Conrad earned the RBI that brought in Hunter Lewis who was on third. With bases loaded, Underwood was up to bat when he hit a three run homer to put the Warriors in the lead by three. The Warriors shut down any chances the Chargers had for a comeback and only gave up one hit at the bottom of the ninth.

Casanova (1-3) hit a double while Conrad (1-4) and Dorn (1-4) both earned an RBI. Pitcher Ricky Ramos pitched six innings while throwing two strikeouts.

Next up, the Warriors travel to Pasadena City College (8-4) on Thursday, March 2nd before returning home on Saturday to face Pasadena once more.