Warriors Drop to Cypress Chargers 5-4 in Extra Inning

TORRANCE, Calif. - The Warriors battled to the end on Friday, March 3rd against the Cypress Chargers. The Chargers ended up taking the win in the eighth inning, 5-4. Haley Reed, Raelani Camez (2), and Kattya Calderon each scored for El Camino.

The Chargers got their first run off an error by El Camino and with bases loaded brought in a second runner. The Warriors were unable to score until the bottom of the second when Reed stole second before she scored the run off Kamryn Fisher's hit.

Leading by one, the Chargers came back to score an additional run at the top of the third. The Warriors then pushed for another with Camez successfully stealing second then third before finally making it in.

At the bottom of the fourth the Warriors worked to get another run in, Reed hit a double that put her on second and as Brigid Antonelli was up to bat, Reed went on to third. Fisher was unable to get a hit to bring in Reed and was called out to end the inning.

The Warriors came back in the fifth inning, tying the game when Camez hit a single that allowed Calderon to steal two bases before earning the run. Alyssa Wing earned a RBI with a line drive to second base that brought in Camez to put the Warriors ahead by one.

Relentless to give up, the Chargers then scored a run at the top of the seventh, sending the match into an extra inning. The Chargers then scored their fifth run at the top of the eighth. The Warriors had trouble getting hits and were only able to place a runner on first before the third out to end the game.

"I thought it was a good game," commented Assistant Coach Kaitlyn Hooper. "It could have gone either way. They had a few hits fall, we had a few hits where the other team made some great plays. Overall just great game, fun game to play."

The Warriors (9-4) travel to Grossmont College on Saturday for a doubleheader scheduled at 12pm and 2pm.