Women’s Beach Volleyball Wins Against Fullerton College and Golden West College

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - The Warriors travelled to Huntington Beach on Friday for back to back matches against Fullerton College and Golden West College. The Warriors came away with two wins, 5-0 against Fullerton and 3-2 against Golden West. The Warriors continue their season at 3-0.

The Warriors started the day off strong, taking the Hornets 5-0. Micah Hammond and Michelle Shimamoto took the ones 21-19, 21-14 with Taylor Brydon and Brooklyn Rubio sweeping their opponents 21-15, 21-12. Megan Lim and Victoria Curtice also had quick matches, beating their opponents 21-7, 21-12. Aiko Waters and Kiana Takahashi took their matches 21-6, 21-12 with Cassie Montani and Nina Wyer quickly racking up the points to take the win 21-7, 21-8.

As the Warriors faced off against the hosts, Golden West, they managed to take three games with the help of Shimamoto and Hammond, Brydon and Rubio, and Lim and Curtice. Waters and Takahashi fell in a two set game 21-23, 14-21 while Wyer and Montani went into three in court five. Wyer and Montani took the first set 21-19 but the Rustlers came back to take the last two 10-21, 5-15.

Coach Le Valley Pattison commented on the team's performance, "Waters and Takahashi are both new to beach and today it showed. They will get much better as the season progresses. Montani and Wyer both need to be offensive to win and we will definitely work on that."

"Brydon is playing really well. She is a returning beach player and it shows. Brydon and Rubio handily defeated their opponents in both matches. Hammond is new to beach volleyball but getting better quickly. She hits a high ball and will be tough to stop"

"We played fairly well," commented Coach Pattison. "Competition magnifies our weaknesses and we definitely have a few. We are still working out the lineup so there may be a couple of changes."


El Camino 5, Fullerton 0

1) Micah Hammond/Michelle Shimamoto, EC def. Charity Dennis/Leslie Andros, FC 21-19, 21-14

2) Taylor Brydon/Brooklyn Rubio, EC def. Rebecca Hicks/Rachel Rutherford, FC 21-15, 21-12

3) Megan Lim/Victoria Curtice, EC def. Catherine Serna/Kristine Perez, FC 21-7, 21-12

4) Aiko Waters/Kiana Takahashi, EC def. Cambria Schuitema/Jessica Borrough, FC 21-6, 21-12

5) Cassie Montani/Nina Wyer, EC def. Shawnee Longmeyer/Jaime Brown, FC 21-7, 21-8


El Camino 3, Golden West 2

1) Micah Hammond/Michelle Shimamoto, EC def. Kate Stanjevich/Ashleigh Atsaros, GW 21-10, 21-11

2) Taylor Brydon/Brooklyn Rubio, EC def. Jasmine Gonzalez/Amanda Sosa, GW 21-17, 21-16

3) Megan Lim/Victoria Curtice, EC def. Samantha Ureno/Melissa Martinez, GW 21-9, 21-15

4) Cherene Uale/Cherene Uale, GW def. Aiko Waters/Kiana Takahashi, EC 23-21, 21-14

5) Baileigh Graham/Erica Cantley, GW def. Cassie Montani/Nina Wyer, EC 19-21, 21-10, 15-5